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Delphi Delta Blue

Our first official Open Source Project is a Delphi (Object Pascal) implementation of the Delta Blue incremental dataflow constraint solver.

What is a incremental dataflow constraint solver?

Simply put, it maintains relationships between variables and when a variable changes, automatically computes which variables are dependant and what their new values should be.

For example: Given the constraint A + B = C, when either A or B changes, C will be recalculated; But if C changes, Delta Blue will also recalculate A or B depending on the strength of the constraint.

For more information see Multi-way versus One-way Constraints in User Interfaces: Experience with the DeltaBlue Algorithm (1993)

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Willo van der Merwe 2003-07-10 16:46
It seems that this link gives problems some times. Try http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/sannella93multiway.html and click on the PDF link to view the PDF version of the file.

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