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WCIC focus on using open source software to make the development of your website as cost effective as possible. Very often, our clients need a little more than just a static HTML website. We have researched open source software to determine which products would work best for clients with specific needs. Whatever you needs, we can help. Packages we offer include content management systems, e-commerce systems, business directory software and much more.

For a complete list of our customers click here.

NEW! Email hosting and archiving:

For a minimal monthly fee, we'll host, scan and filter your mail and at the same time keep a backup of all mail processed through your mailbox. Mail is archived for up to 10 years on a secure offsite backup facility.

No need for additional software installation. Everything is transparently handled by the server.

Archived mail is available via the IMAP protocol and as such can be accessed via Webmail, Outlook, Thunderbird or various other 3rd party tools.

More information on secure email archiving here

Content management system (CMS):

A content management system (CMS) is a system that allows somebody that is not a html expert or programmer to update the content of a website, through a simple web interface.

Clients that wish to update their website regularly by constantly adding new content and articles will find benefit from a CMS.

We have experience in setting up and configuring various open source content management systems.

A few of our clients that use content management systems:
SA India
Obsidian Glass

E-commerce systems:

Need an On-line shop? We have experience in setting up and configuring various open source e-commerce systems.

We have experience in integrating e-commerce software with all the major payment gateways available in South Africa

A few of our clients that use e-commerce systems:
SA India
Seven Gifts

Business directory

We have experience in setting up and configuring businesses directories, listings and other structured data.

A few of our clients that use businesses directories, listings and structured data systems:
SA Foodtech
Cet 24
LAB Africa Online


Newsletters are a quick, effective way of staying in touch with your clients. WCIC can assist you in sending out monthly newsletters to your clients. We make use of a open source system that has the following features:

Contact us for more information

Banner advertising server

Need to display banner ads on your website? We have experience in open source banner ad servers and can implement a banner ad server that will suite your company's needs.

The system's features include:

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